Lunar New Year – Fifth Principle Season

While January 1st always marks the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, people use other calendars to determine when their new year begins. There is usually a more spiritual basis to celebrating a new year on days other than January 1st , ie – Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Samhain are other spiritual traditions that celebrate a new year on a day other than January 1st. These celebrations are about being a better person spiritually and being grateful to have lived another year, receiving the wisdom of the previous year’s lessons.

The Lunar New Year is that time for me. I set my intentions for the coming year for my Self. Taking place on the second new moon of the year according the lunar calendar, this year February 8. Unlike the more public and obvious declarations of save more, lose weight, quit doing something harmful, fill in the blank; which usually begin the calendar year. The Lunar New Year has become the time for me to dedicate my energy for living my intentions. This is when, I dedicate my Self anew to the life that I am manifesting.

This is why, for me, the Lunar New Year is the beginning of Fifth Principle Season.

Live Your Intentions – Fifth Principle, 5 Principles of Joy

Live Your Intentions This is all about action. Are you engaging in thoughts, words and activities daily to create the life you want to live and manifest your dreams? This is about doing what it takes to harness your power, your light and make something happen

Lunar New Year is also known as Chinese New Year. Typically this coincides with a time of year when many people will be entering into the Lenten season of the Christian liturgical calendar, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter. This time of year brings reflection and celebration of gratitude and abundance. Interestingly in the Chinese tradition they celebrate good fortune, happiness and abundance. In the Lenten tradition, it is about austerity and surrender before reward.

As a bit of a Heinz 57 as far as my spiritual background goes, I have collected bits of many traditions and created my own flavor of spiritual sauce. Beginning almost 20 years ago I decided to stop giving things up for Lent and began including things as a daily Lenten practice that I really wanted to have in my life. One year it was Prayerful Running. Each day I was to go for a “run for spiritual cleansing and clearing” so to speak. This is about being the person you have always wanted to be. It was about being a better me by Easter instead of proving I was worthy by suffering through denying myself some pleasure – no chocolate, no alcohol, no pasta, whatever. One year I decided I wanted to be more Bible literate and create a habit of journaling, so I decided to randomly choose a Bible verse each day of Lent and journal about what it meant for me. If we are on a spiritual journey, than we must understand what that means. We must find our own way. That is why it is about living our intentions.

A spiritual journey is exactly that, a journey. It moves along a continuum. The more I know my Self, the deeper the need for understanding of Self on a spiritual level. We create activities, rituals, maps to help stay connected to our Joy, our journey. We must make use of the things that serve our mission and leave behind that which does not serve us.

Where my journeying will take me this year is anyone’s guess. When I shut down my healing practice when we moved to California 3 years ago I did it because I had lost my connection to those gifts. I sought help from many people to understand where I needed to grow and be healed, only to finally realize I was simply turned a little too far in one direction. By shifting my focus, by slowing down, by focusing on my life not my busyness, I finally connected to exactly what had been missing. This month marks the first time in over 3 years I am gratefully ready to begin working with clients again.

The time I have spent over the last 5 years, since I first began writing the 5 Principles of Joy, was about learning, growing, certifying, and healing. It has brought me to this moment where I am ready to focus less on my journey and more on others and the illimitable possibilities in their lives and how I can help them through the teachings of the 5 Principles of Joy. My inner teacher, healer, mother, lover is ready to support others on their journeys and I am so grateful to have the chance.

I am grateful to introduce you to the Illimitable You! Happy New Year!